Monday, August 20, 2012

Yike Biking at Punggol Waterway.

One of the latest attraction in Singapore. Punggol waterway is located at the north eastern part of Singapore.  Punggol wateway has recently won the Global Superior Achievement Award for the Punggol Waterway project, the highest honour awarded by the International Water Association (IWA) for the most outstanding project in all categories. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Yike Bike basics

Before we begin our journey on Yike Bike, let me show you the basics on Yike Bike. It has a brake and an accelerator just like your normal car. The accelerator is on your right handle bar and the brake is on your left handle bar. There are also left and right signal lights button. If you pressed both signal lights buttons at the same time, you will get hazard light signals as well!

Charging a Yike Bike is as simple as plugging a AC/DC adapter plugged directly into the socket as shown in the photo above just like what you normally do your computer notebook. The adapter runs on 44V DC - 2A. The charging takes about 2 hours to achieve complete charge and it can goes up to a distance of 10km range! Amazing lithium battery technology that it has indeed!

Hi everyone! This is a blog on Yike Bike! The coolest electric bike on earth. I hope you will learn about Yike Bike and find out more about my adventures with Yike Biking over the next few weeks. Feel free to ask me any questions that you have.

So, what is a Yike Bike?

The YikeBike mini-farthing is a type of folding bicycle released on September 2009. It weighs around 11kg and when folded, it is small enough to be carried around on urban mass rapid transit, trains or even buses. The YikeBike was invented by Grant Ryan and designed by a team in New Zealand for over 5 years.

Yike Bike has two version. The Carbon version which its frame is made mostly of Carbon Fibre and weighs at around 11kg while the Fusion version is made of Aluminium alloy and weighs about 15 kg. Every piece of Yike Bike is hand made and the materials used are very durable and sturdy. You can visit this Yike Bike website for more details.

It is available in the market for sale through your local distributor or you can order it via online on their website.